About Us

BadgeCert is the leader in digital badging/credentialing for training organizations, corporations, associations and universities. Our cloud platform enables organizations to create and issue ”BadgeCerts”—portable digital icons embedded with evidence that verifies an earner’s skills, credentials and continuing education experiences with a single click. Once earned, BadgeCerts can be shared with others on social networking sites, internal corporate profiles, email signatures, digital resumes or websites.

The industry standard

BadgeCert is positioned as the one standard “currency” and repository for all digital badges. Professionals participate in various continuing education activities and earn credentials from various entities. Until now, there hasn’t been a standard way to accurately document, conveniently store and securely share verified achievements. BadgeCert is designed to do just that by supporting the unique needs of both issuers and earners. Issuers can digitally issue their BadgeCerts with immense benefits and cost savings. Earners have one location to safely manage all their earned BadgeCerts (e.g. from business, school, social, hobbies). Further, earners enjoy the ability to categorize their BadgeCerts, enabling secure and confidential sharing with their desired networks.

Un-biased partnerships

BadgeCert is positioned to serve as an industry-agnostic standard to recognize credentials, skills and experiences from any verified issuer. We do not determine excellence- we leave that to the experts! Instead we are a digital badge clearinghouse that partners with organizations to enable them to recognize and reward their stakeholders for all that they do. As a result, industries are able to link all their constituents together (associations, companies, professionals, community organizations, educational institutions) to build a cohesive ecosystem for defining and acknowledging excellence.

Developed by experts

BadgeCert was founded by expert educators, technologists and entrepreneurs on the premise that recognizing effort, participation, contributions and accomplishments is important to motivate people to develop, progress and achieve.