Authentication & Verification

BadgeCert assures that issued / shared badges are 100% verified and current. Issuers are able to set badge expiration rules (disappear or gray out); mitigating the risk of earners sharing expired or revoked badges. Recipients of BadgeCert shared badges (e.g. employers, industry organizations) can rest assured that the badges they receive are indeed verified and current.


Embedded Evidence

BadgeCert allows issuers to add unique detailed information (called metadata) to each badge that helps to further qualify the nature of the earned credential.


Micro-credentialing & Stackable credentials

BadgeCert enables organizations to create “stackable credentials” or "micro-credentials". This advanced feature allows issuers to create business rules that dictate the pathway towards mastery of professional skills. Rules may include a hierarchy of competencies, credentials, or continuing education experiences needed to level-up to a “Master” badge.


Customizable Badge Design

BadgeCert offers an industry exclusive design tool that enables issuers to create custom badge icons. BadgeCert provides standard templates, or offers issuers the ability to easily upload their own badge artwork to create truly unique, on brand, digital credentials.

For organizations that also require paper or wallet certificates, BadgeCert offers custom designed certificates that can be printed directly by earners from within BadgeCert, thus reducing the labor and cost associated with printing and mailing paper certificates.


Flexible Rules Engine

BadgeCert provides organizations with customizable backend tools to communicate with earners. From congratulatory emails, badge expiration reminders, and a course suggestion engine, BadgeCert is designed with the flexibility to maximize organizations’ marketing and sales objectives.



BadgeCert offers a proprietary reporting and analytics tool that provides organizations with real-time data such as badge sharing, badge clicks and overall earner usage. Issuers leverage these reports to analyze the effectiveness of each BadgeCert program and to optimize the marketing of their brand.


Earner Portfolio

BadgeCert offers earners a universal web based portfolio to organize, manage and share earned badges. Integrated with popular social networking sites, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, earners can easily share their accomplishments directly from their portfolios with colleagues, employers and licensing boards.


API Access

Organizations have full access to the BadgeCert API, allowing their LMS or other enterprise systems to make calls that create, issue and update badges, manage rosters, update settings and many other functions.